Our Brand Story


I'm Anita, the visionary behind GlossyTrends. My journey has been one of transformation and inspiration. With an MBA under my belt and a background in supporting IT teams at renowned companies like IBM and HCL, my career path took a turn after five years of experience when family priorities led me to step back from the corporate world, seeking a more balanced life for myself and my growing family.

Life took an unexpected turn with the onset of the pandemic, giving me the chance to reflect on my next steps. A passion for fashion and a deep love for styling jewelry, a fascination that ignited during my college years, kept nudging at my heart. Encouraged by my sisters, the idea began to take shape, and the realm of jewelry became my calling.

Guided by my late mother's unwavering belief in financial independence and self-identity, I embarked on this journey to carve out a space in the world of fashion. Her legacy has been a beacon of inspiration, and her ideals continue to guide me, shaping every step I take.

My family's support has been my cornerstone throughout this venture. Now, as my daughter expresses her own aspirations to become a businesswoman, I'm filled with pride and confidence. Her words reaffirm that my decision to forge a unique path was the right one.

GlossyTrends is more than a brand to me; it's a tribute to my mother, a testament to her dreams and mine. it is a tribute to my mother's legacy, a living embodiment of her hopes and my aspirations. With every design, I pour my heart and soul into realizing a brand that resonates. Through unwavering commitment, I'm on a mission to etch GlossyTrends onto the map, hoping that people will not only embrace my creations but also connect with the ardor and dedication that define GlossyTrends.